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The Homie Collective was conceived around our love of music and arts.  Our mission is to hype the homies and promote organic growth through opportunities of mutual exposure.  A genuine passion for cultivating a loving community around creation has continued to carry our mission organically, now all across New England.  We came together as a group of peer performers in the local scene to conceptualize The Homie Collective Campout in 2019, in celebration of our homies and ourselves.  Everyone combined contributed to and created the meta vibe; a vibe we felt so strongly that first year that we knew we had something special.  A vibe that is loving, non-judging, embracing, and healing.  We all met playing side by side and partying at music festivals like Wild Woods (NH), Frendly Gathering (VT), Greath North (ME), and StrangeCreek (MA), three of which no longer occur.  We have kept our event private for the last three years to ensure the continuation of this cultivation.  Now we feel the need in the scene for these homie vibes to return.  So, here we are - grassroots af - ready to open the gates to this beautiful energy to everyone we can.  All are welcome.  We keep it homie and have faith that you will too.

This is our 2ND PUBLIC YEAR for THCC and we are so stoked to share these vibes with you.

Our main motto is "Homies Helping Homies"; we believe that's the core to what's kept us moving forward.  We look out for each other.  Safety and Fun are the name of the game; we've worked hard to develop this homie community of creative and caring individuals.  We will be looking out for you too.  Don't be surprised if you're offered a friendly water bottle or asked how you're feeling, it's just because we care.  This is going to be another amazing for THCC!

Homies Helping Homies!

We're operating  largely on homie contributions, if you'd like to donate to The Homie Collective via PayPal, please click here:

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