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SAFETY FIRST.  You will have access to certified EMS/EMTs around the clock.  We have homies specialized in crowd wellness and peer support, who will be handing out free waters and checking in on everyone to make sure we are comfortable and vibing.  We are still counting on you to take care of yourselves and your homies.  Remember, HOMIES HYDRATE - August is a hot month.  Drink plenty of water and refill your bottle every time it empties at a nearby hydration station or water faucet.

Your well-being at The Homie Collective Campout is a top priority.  We will have watchful eyes at all times including a security team on site.  If you ever feel in danger or notice something that doesn't sit right, please notify an event staff member or volunteer to help address the situation.  If you are not around one, we always recommend using the buddy system or seeking any other homie nearby; odds are they're a homie that can help address the situation, or locate an event staff worker that can.

We will have KARMA KLUB on site with a Wellness Lounge/safe space to hangout, even if you just want to escape the action for a little while.  KARMA KLUB will be fully staffed with CPR certified volunteers.  KARMA KLUB will be providing free condoms, safe sex practice information, offering overall peer support, and maintain a Homie Hydration Station with plenty of water for refilling bottles.  We hope you take advantage of their free, friendly services, in the name of safety and education.

Furthermore, we ask that you do not bring knives, firearms, or weapons of any type to our event.  There is ZERO tolerance for physical and verbal abuse within our community; you will be ejected from our event immediately.  We maintain vibes of respect and creative passion - we have no room for hostility or violence.  We appreciate you reading this and helping us cultivate a loving, welcoming environment for all the homies.  THCC is a FAMILY FRIENDLY festival, please respect and reflect that in your actions at the event.  Homies Helping Homies keeps this event comfortable, happy, and safe; we all do our part.


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